About Us

KeyWorld Travel began in 1977 and was purchased in 1986 by it’s current owners, Elmer and Shirley Reimer. Elmer and Shirley continued to service holiday and corporate travel but their hearts are in helping missions and ministries. KeyWorld Travel is now known as the premier church and missionary travel agency specializing in their specific travel needs.

With a heart for missions and over 40 years of combined service in the travel industry you can expect the very best for you and your ministry from KeyWorld Travel.

KeyWorld Travel knows that our business depends on your satisfaction, your word-of-mouth endorsement and your repeat business. Therefore, YOUR BEST INTERESTS ARE THE PRIORITY. There was a time that the airlines paid us a commission and therefore, we in essence, worked for them. However, they have changed that and no longer pay us to sell their tickets. Therefore, our emphasis is the satisfaction of our clients. We work for you, to insure you get the best value for your money and your time. Therefore, we work harder to find the best fare and the best options that suit you.

Specialization: Although KeyWorld Travel provides a wide range of services, we specialize in international individual and group travel services.

One Stop Shopping: As the industry grows more competitive, KeyWorld Travel has had to increase the quality and type of services we offer. We can arrange all types of domestic and international travel, hotel and resort accommodations, air and ground transportation, car rental needs, cruises and tour packages.

We can provide assistance with insurance protection, passport and visa applications, inolculation procedures and other foreign travel requirements. KeyWorld Travel has a toll-free number and 24 hour personal assistance.